Everything's a story...


...and we are all characters in our own tales and that of the multiverse around us.  Stories feed us, inform us and shape us in ways we cannot always foresee. Stories and storytelling are the lifeblood of who we think we are and hope to be.


Visual storytelling uses our love of stories to convey meaningful information and ideas in the form of digital art, illustration and motion graphics by clever use of shapes, form, colour and composition.


pixel pakhuys focuses on creating strong visual concepts and content with a clear narrative


Chapter 1:

visual storytelling


Chapter 2:






...consider me for your project?


Here are 4 reasons:


  • reliable & driven
  • imaginative & creative
  • story-based approach
  • multi-skilled


Chapter 3:

why oh why...?


My name is Daniela Brunner and I have been fascinated by stories and storytelling for as long as I can remember.


As a girl I used to write short stories and paint pictures to illustrate my tales. As an adult, not much has changed except that I get paid for using my imagination and creative talent.


Chapter 4:

who is...?